Oh. My. Lord. Anyone else watch Kris Allen perform on Idol last night and have to pick their jaw up off the floor? Oh, no, just me?

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

I have to say, though Kris is easy on the eyes, I never thought he was a strong contender – especially up against the heavy hitters like Danny Gokey and Matt Giraud (some would add Adam’s name in here too, but I’ll get to that soon…). But the boy is growing on me! For last night’s country performance, Kris chose Garth Brook’s hit “Make You Feel My Love.” I was already in LOVE with this song because Adele does an amazing rendition of it. Anyway, check it out here:

On another Idol note, what the hell is up with Adam Lambert? Everyone keeps telling me how awesome he is but I just do not see it! He shouts most of his songs, his face is so awkward to watch and the tight pants? Really? The only thing I’ll give him is his range is pretty amazing. Last night, he butched Johnny Cash’s classic “Ring of Fire.” You can check that out here, if you dare. WARNING: Your ears may bleed.


~ by etrevallion on March 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “chills!”

  1. he’s cute, but I’m a fan of Danny, who looks like Robert Downey Jr.

  2. Hi there! Just found your site. Love it! I’ll definitely drop by daily to get my celeb-gossip. Please stop by mine if you have the chance: Best wishes. 🙂

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