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Photo courtesy of WireImage

Photo courtesy of WireImage

First up, the reviews are in for Britney’s debut show last night in New Orleans. For the most part people dug it. But, as I suspected, her biggest criticisms were that she didn’t sing live (shock, shock), she didn’t interact with the audience and some of her dance moves seemed a bit sloppy. I think there is still hope here – and I REALLY want her to do well – but I don’t think the show will live up to the hype. Maybe her heart isn’t in it anymore, and you can’t blame a girl for that…

Photo courtesy of PEOPLE

Photo courtesy of PEOPLE

Apparently, I’m a decade late releasing my autobiography. Miley Cyrus seems to think that she’s got lots to share about her (very short) 16 years of life thus far. I read an article today that said Miley writes about the mean girls that tormented her and her first love. Um, give me a break. I know high school is a bit mellow dramatic but this is all too much. Seems like just another way for Daddy Cyrus to milk the “cash cow.”

Photo courtesy of americanidol.com

Photo courtesy of americanidol.com

Move over Carrie Underwood, this blogger’s got a new Idol girl crush. Felicia Barton rocked it out last night and, so far, is one of my favs of the season. For a girl who wasn’t even supposed to be on the show – she was called back after the disqualification of Joanna Pacitti – she sure came back with a vengence. I’m also loving Scott MacIntyre, because how amazing is his voice AND his story? Such a sucker for a good story. Also swooning over Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta My final thought on this: Bubye Nathaniel. If I have to see him wave with his index finger ONE.MORE.TIME, I may throw something. Directly at the TV.

Check out Felicia’s performance here:


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  1. […] other news, I’m sure you can imagine the hissy-fit I threw last night when I found out that Felicia Barton did NOT make it into the top 12 last night on Idol, or even into the Wild Card show at that. But, […]

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