well this is promising…

Britney Spears’ camp just released 2 min. of footage from the rehearsals for the popstar’s Circus tour, which kicks off in New Orleans tonight.

And, I have to say, this makes us a bit hopeful for her comeback. Let’s be honest, that shiteous MTV documentary just made us feel more sorry for her. The robotic responses, the brief moments of honesty – it left us a bit worried. But, this show looks amazing. It’s totally Madonna meets Cirque du Soleil. Perez Hilton is headed to the kickoff show tonight and he’ll have the first review right after, so check out his site for that.

Now, if only she would sing live…


~ by etrevallion on March 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “well this is promising…”

  1. I hope she makes a comeback!! After seeing Octomom in the press so much lately, Britney Spears looks like an angel

  2. […] Britney’s debut show last night in New Orleans. For the most part people digged it. But, as I suspected, her biggest criticisms were that she didn’t sing live (shock, shock), she didn’t […]

  3. i LOVED her concert and I dont care one bit that she didnt sing. She is an amazing performer 🙂

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