what hollywood SHOULD look like…

Photo courtesy of PEOPLE

Photo courtesy of PEOPLE

Let this be a lesson to the Linsday Lohan’s and Keira Knightley’s out there. THIS is how you rock a red carpet.

Kate Winslet set a stunning example for Young Hollywood when she appeared in a gorgeous gray dress at the New York premiere of her new movie The Reader. Hips for days and I LOVE it (says the chick who saw Titanic 4 times in the theater and then proceeded to re-wallpaper her room with images of Kate and Leo)!

We don’t hear nearly enough about Kate Winslet. I attribute this to the fact that she’s not out there sleeping around with married men, showing her “down there” parts or having 14 children. Unless it’s about her weight, and then we hear plenty. To have her curves and still do nude scenes in movies is so empowering for us girls who, ya know, couldn’t even get our left foot into a size 0 jeans.

So, come on. Confession time! Anyone else have a massive slight girl crush on Kate Winslet after seeingTitanic?

No? Ok, cool. I’m the only one.


~ by etrevallion on December 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “what hollywood SHOULD look like…”

  1. that’s so funny! I was just drooling over this pic of Kate on people.com before I came to your blog. She’s definitely my equivilant of a girl crush.

  2. […] of loving the dress but not the hair, you know that Kate Winslet can do no wrong in my book. But, the hair was hideous. It made her look much older than she really is. And what happened to […]

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