forget the mustache for a minute…

How adorable does Brad Pitt look at the premiere of his new movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? Of course, his lovely lady Angelina Jolie was by his side, looking gorgeous as usual in her simple white dress. A nice change from her normal black cocktail. Hell, who are we kidding, she could rock a trash bag!

Photo courtesy of Splash News Online

Photo courtesy of Splash News Online

Brad was on the TODAY show this morning talking about his project to benefit the victims of Katrina in New Orleans. It’s been a year since he launched the program and he chatted with Ann Curry about its successes to this point. He was a bit coy when it came to talking about his familial successes though. Much different from the Brad I caught on Oprah a couple of weeks ago. When you’ve got 6 kids with arguably the most beautiful woman on earth, people are bound to be curious about your personal life (full disclosure: though she is drop dead gorgeous, her seductive ways with married men are totally NOT cool with me. I’m sure this thought keeps her up at night).

Don’t you think?


~ by etrevallion on December 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “forget the mustache for a minute…”

  1. OK, first off, I always think Brad looks hot, but doesn’t the ‘stache make him resemble Hitler…just a tiny bit???

    Can’t wait to see the movie, though!

  2. I couldn’t forget the mustache though, I could barely read your post, because I kept looking at how terrible it was, very 50s door-to-door-salesman-like

  3. […] we could excuse Brad Pitt’s nasty ’stache when we knew it was for a movie role. But, I know for a FACT that Joaquin has been talking about […]

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