giving a little

We all know how I feel about Justin Timberlake and his whiner of a girlfriend, Jessica Biel. But, just when I’m about ready to dismiss JT all together, he reminds me of why I ever loved him in the first place. He’s like a bad ex boyfriend…

Photo courtesy of Wire Image

Photo courtesy of Wire Image

First, he debuts a new single on his MySpace page, “Follow My Lead” in which the proceeds from the downloads will benefit Shriners Children’s Hospital. And the song is a duet with Esmee Denters, the first artist he signed to his record label (who I happen to think is amazzzing). LOVE seeing celebs doing good with their talents.

Then, Rihanna comes out with her latest video “Rehab” which happens to be a duet with the aforementioned Justin Timberlake and it is SO HOT. JT looks unbelievably sexy in the video (as does Rihanna, of course) and it brought me wayyy back to the “Cry Me a River” days. Swooooon.

Now, if Justin could just straighten out his act when it comes to his NYC restaurant Southern Hospitality, we’d be all set. They have possibly THE most delicious mac-n-cheese though so we’ll give that to him too…


~ by etrevallion on November 18, 2008.

One Response to “giving a little”

  1. Just added “Like I Love You” onto my 5K playlist. thank you justin!! i don’t like him and jessica biehl though, she looks in a worse mood than jessica alba all the time (which is hard to do)

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