The Grey’s Anatomy fans out there will be as shocked as me appreciate this news: Brooke Smith, aka Dr. Erica Hahn on ABC’s hit show, has been abruptly cut from the cast! PEOPLE.com reports that Brooke was just notified this week that her character was being written out of the show; her last appearance will be in Thursday night’s episode. And don’t expect any closure, Dr. Hahn fans. Her final scene is her walking to her car!

Photo courtesy of ABC

Photo courtesy of ABC

This has me (along with most of the Grey’s fans out there too, I’m sure) wondering if it has to do with the recent lesbian love affair between Erica and Dr. Callie Torres, played by the GORGEOUS Sara Ramirez. Probably one of the most poignant scenes came in last week’s episode with Erica’s “leaves” epiphany (see below). Was it too much for viewers? Michael Slezak over at Entertainment Weekly makes some valid points. Any other fans want to weigh in?

On a side note: Not like you need reminding (I’ll leave that to the 50 other people today who have probably asked you if you’ve voted yet) but Happy Voting Day!

~ by etrevallion on November 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “what?!”

  1. I read that about the “walking to her car” as the last scene she’s in.. but after watching the episode, they def set it up for her to leave i thought!

    omg. can they bring denny back for every ep? k thnx!

  2. I’m still upset about this, I liked Dr. Hahn. I liked having a character that wasn’t part of the clique

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