one week and counting…

It’s almost Halloween ya’ll (said in best possible Britney accent). Normally, I don’t get super excited about this holiday. Probably because the fun days of dressing up and trick-or-treating are ovah and the hubs and I have never been in a prime location to check out the costumes from the kiddies in the neighborhood. But this year? This year it’s different.

Photo courtesy of PEOPLE

Photo courtesy of PEOPLE

We have a house! In a neighborhood! AND to top it all off, my POE (place of employment) just spread the word that they are having a Hollywood Halloween Party. I know, I know, my dreams are all coming true 🙂 We have to come dressed as a celeb to get into the exclusive VIP party. Which brings me to my dilemma – who should I go as? Holly over at Sweet Hours Have Perished Here and I had wanted to go as a celebrity couple which is definitely an option. And then, someone reminded me that I look like a certain celebrity chef (which I’ve heard countless times). RACHAEL RAY!

Keep in mind, I’m rocking the short hair like Rachael now. So, I leave it in your hands faithful readers. Who should I go as?


~ by etrevallion on October 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “one week and counting…”

  1. i’m excited for real trick or treaters this year too! except the deal is to buy the candy friday after noon so I don’t eat it all.. and then the last kid to arrive will get the rest of the candy. boo!

    Ha! i’ve gotten rachel ray a couple of times too. good luck on the costume choice!

  2. Most definitely Rachel Ray!!!!

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