hellooooo daddy!

Photo courtesy of POPSUGAR

Photo courtesy of POPSUGAR

Is it just me, or did he get really hot? Matt Damon landed in LA over the weekend with his lovely ladies, including wife Luciana and daughters Isabella & baby Gia. Call me biased for loving this Boston boy but I think we’d all agree Matt win’s the award for Hottest Dad! AMEN to fatherhood.

And how adorable is little Isabella? Then again, look at her mama 🙂 I can only hope my future children will be as cute.

Photo courtesy of US Weekly Magazine

Photo courtesy of US Weekly Magazine


~ by etrevallion on October 22, 2008.

One Response to “hellooooo daddy!”

  1. matt damon has ALWAYS been mcdreamy in my eyes. ever since gwh. even when he put on 20 lbs for his new film I thought he still looked bootylicious. mmmmmmmmm matt damon. and the fact that he married a bartender, still leaves hope that he will see me on newbury st someday and take me as his next wife. am i still typing?!?

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