just hear me out…

So, I’m a pretty big fan of Project Runway. Come every summer, my life becomes whole again I receive a little piece of heaven on Wednesday nights. And this season is no different. The bitch fights, the words of wisdom from Tim Gunn, it’s all there.

OK. Here’s where I probably dig my own grave but I have to admit it to you, my faithful readers. I’m SO Team Kenley!

Photo courtesy of Bravo TV

Photo courtesy of Bravo TV

Yes, she’s whiny. Yes, she has an attitude. Yes, she’s self-centered. But let us not forget this is a competition, yes? She’s not there to make friends! The last two challenges, I have not liked her final product but the fact is she takes chances and delivers something that is truly “Kenley.” And you can’t take that away from her.

Photo courtesy of Bravo TV

Photo courtesy of Bravo TV

Who knows, maybe I just have a thing for the underdog. But, aside from maybe Korto, I don’t think anyone else left has what it takes to deliver a great show at Bryant Park. I will say that the attitude toward Heidi last night was a bit uncalled for and she needs to watch her defensiveness when she receives criticisms. “I wasn’t going for elegant, Heidiiiii” Wow.

So, what do ya’ll think Internet? Anyone else out there Team Kenley?


~ by etrevallion on October 2, 2008.

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