cashing in.

Photo courtesy of OK! Magazine

Photo courtesy of OK! Magazine

Lynne Spears, Britney’s mama, was on the TODAY Show this morning to chat about her new book Through the Storm. This is the first time Lynne has publicly spoken out about the recent drama with both of her daughters – Britney and Jamie Lynn. Ya know, a lot of people have been whining that she’s dishing the dirt on her family but I was actually pleasantly surprised watching her speak today. I don’t think she gave away too much information but I think she tried to set the record straight a bit. And the reality is, while I don’t think Lynne wins the mother of the year award (after all she did admit this morning that she often didn’t travel with Britney), sometimes kids just make bad decisions. It’s just easier to blame the parents.

So, I know a lot of my fellow bloggers were blogging live from the Martha Stewart Show (so jealous!) but did anyone happen to catch the interview? If not I included a part of it below. Thoughts?


~ by etrevallion on September 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “cashing in.”

  1. I totally stayed at the house a few minutes later than usual yesterday morning to catch the first part of the interview.. i agree- i was pretty surprised! she carried herself very well, and yeah, it makes perfect sense that britbrit is the way she is- being thrown into the spotlight at a young age. And i’m usually a naysayer about that kinda stuff. Maybe I just heart Meredith Viera as well?!

  2. @Julie Q OMG I LOVE MEREDITH VIEIRA! i’m sorry katie couric, but the TODAY show is a better place without her.

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