is it just me?

Photo courtesy of PEOPLE

Photo courtesy of PEOPLE

Or did Dane Cook get really hot? WOW. I had to practically pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw the pics of him rocking the red carpet at the premiere of his new movie My Best Friend’s Girl. Interesting, because as you may remember, it wasn’t too long ago that Dane was ragging on his appearance in the movie’s promotional posters.

Nothing to laugh at here, Dane cleans up very, very nice. Truthfully, I’ve always kind of had a thing for him and appreciated his rugged facial hair and t-shirt/jeans appearance, but this whole clean-cut thing suits him well!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Co-stars Kate Hudson and Jason Biggs also looked great for the premiere. Kate always looks so beautiful and flawless. Although, the thick gold necklace – not so much.

Anyway, I think I mentioned it before about this movie but I’m definitely going to drag the hubby kicking and screaming to it. Not only was it filmed in Boston, but my connection with Jason Biggs is just too strong 🙂

Quick side note, I had heard that Dane recently bought a new house but wasn’t sure what the story was behind it. Thank you TMZ. Apparently he recently lost a lawsuit with his apartment building, who had a problem with Dane’s dog “relieving itself” in the common areas of the property. Who knew!


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One Response to “is it just me?”

  1. wow. I didn’t even recognize him. he looks very armani.

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