rocking out for cancer

Julia Roberts has always, always been one of my favorite actresses. Wayyy before her Pretty Woman days, she stole my heart with her performance in Steel Magnolias which is still my all time favorite movie. But, I digress. The other reason why I LOVE Julia (oh yeah, you didn’t know we were on a first name basis?) is because she is always using her celebrity for a good cause – whether its for the environment or, as was the case last night, cancer.

Photo courtesy of Reuters

Photo courtesy of Reuters

Julia teamed up with her good friend Dave Matthews for the the sold-out Stand Up For a Cure concert at Madison Square Garden to benefit lung cancer research. As the daughter of someone struggling with this disease, it really warms my heart to see celebrities supporting the cause.

And it wasn’t just Julia Robert and Dave Matthews out there doing what they could. Chase Crawford, Mary Kate Olsen and Lindsay Lohan were all there to lend their support.

As if the event couldn’t get any better, Julia made some touching remarks to the servicemen and women from Sept. 11th, whom some were in the audience. “I’m thrilled to be able to say that on September 10 that we are welcoming some of the heroes and first responders from September 11. As New Yorkers, we are beholden to all of them.”

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

I sat in my probability and statistics class, my senior year, seven years ago when the teacher next door ran in crying to turn on our TV. That image will always be with me and I will never forget…


~ by etrevallion on September 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “rocking out for cancer”

  1. Julia rocks. I remember she was on Oprah’s show, and after a stylist had just gone over all of his oscar fashion hits and picks, she was like.. Yeah buddy, thanks for mentioning me and my dress (he didn’t) and completely called him out on it.

    I agree- everyone has that similar image of where they were when something went horribly horribly wrong on that tuesday morning 7 yrs ago.

  2. I love Julia too.

    I will never forget being jolted out of bed my first week of college by my roommate’s mother calling to tell us the news. There was a chance that her father was in NY that day for work. Thank God he wasn’t, but we continued to watch the news all morning.

  3. @Julie Q Gotta love Mama O 🙂

    @sforshner I think we’ll always remember that moment when we first found out. So sad…

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