i knew there was a reason i loved matt damon

‘Nough said…

~ by etrevallion on September 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “i knew there was a reason i loved matt damon”

  1. I like him too, but he comes off as just another man-child put up to try and prop up our failing party. I was with some colleagues when I saw it and they just laughed…called him a candy ass…and said they wished our party would stop marching these idiots out in the press. After this week I may be done with our man. He’s looking like a wimp this week. He’s clearly uncomfortable fighting back the Repubs, and this morning’s ‘attack” as it was called looked like his wife forced him to do it…he was clearly uncomfortable…I’m finding it hard to imagine Obama facing down any enemy. Sheesh, I just wish we’d stop marching out these actors…they are not well respected for thier opolitical views…look at the embarassment we’ve put up with regarding Striesand and Baldwin. We’re getting laughed at. I think I truly may be done with our guy….picking Biden was strike one, now, looking like a pussy is strike 2…..

    Nice blog BTW

  2. @TejasPo You bring up some good points, some of which I agree with. Truthfully, I’m unsure about both candidates. Team Hillary!

  3. yeah me too. This election would truly be over has Hillary been the nominee. I think that may turn out to be a historically significant blunder!

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