weekend update

Happy Monday Morning, Everyone! I’m sure we’re all thrilled to be back to the daily grind, or “pushing our rock up the hill” as my dad says. I had a fabulous weekend. Attended a pretty crazy bachelorette party at Mohegan Sun that I am still recovering from.

And, Hollywood was pretty busy this weekend too. Thought I’d sum it all up for ya’ll, in case you missed it:

Photo courtesy of People.com

Photo courtesy of People.com

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi got hitched! I’ve got to give props to Perez for getting the scoop on the nuptials, he said they’d get married this past weekend. The affair was small and intimate but gorgeous. About 20 close friends and family attended with Portia wearing a backless pink gown and Ellen in her signature all-white suit. Can’t wait to see the pics and it looks like People.com will have them exclusively on their site tomorrow at 9a.m. so make sure to check it out!

Photo courtesy of Fame Pictures
Photo courtesy of Fame Pictures

Jessica Alba premiered her post-pregnancy body just two months after giving birth to daughter Honor Marie and she looked AMAZING! She showed off in this pink number at the 2008 ALMA Awards on Sunday. I’ve posted about this before, but it makes me so jealous how fast these girls shed their baby weight!

Photo courtesy of Marie Claire

Photo courtesy of Marie Claire

Madonna turned 50! And she celebrated by attending a party in her honor at Volstead in London. Hubby, Guy Richie organized the event, which also served as a distraction from those divorce rumors!

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  1. love the new look

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