alas, my life is whole again!

American Idol returned last night with the premiere of its 7th season! Of course, the first 2,300 few episodes look at the worst of the worst (with a bit of greatness mixed in) but we were just as excited to see Simon, Paula and Randi back in their judging chairs!

Last night took us to Phili where there was a mix between those starving for attention – one guy even waxed his chest and wore a bra- and those who had some great potential. Here’s a sample of the worst:

And the best:

This year, the judges are promising a revamped version of the show which includes contestants being allowed to accompany themselves on an instrument and less of those annoying celebrity guests. Hopefully it will help boost ratings, because last night’s premiere was down 13% from last year and 10% from 2006.

But make sure to stay tuned for updates throughout the season- you KNOW we’re obsessed 🙂


~ by etrevallion on January 16, 2008.

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