sixteen and pregnant!


Jamie Lynn Spears, the sixteen year old sister of Britney Spears and Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101” star, has announced to OK! Magazine exclusively that she is 12 weeks pregnant with her first child. The father is Spears’ 19 yr. old live-in boyfriend, Casey Aldridge.

Spears and her mother, Lynne, told the magazine that the pregnancy came as a huge shock and surprise for Jamie Lynn, who has decided to keep the baby and raise it with her family in Louisiana. Spears also tells the magazine that she wants girls her age to avoid pre-marital sex and hopes to advocate for it in the future. Hopefully she can turn this into a positive!

As for big sis, Britney – she found out about the pregnancy like the rest of us! In a comment to Perez Hilton, Britney’s friend and E! reporter, Jason Kennedy said: “Britney is aware of the news regarding Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy. She wishes her sister nothing but the best and asks for privacy during this time.”


~ by etrevallion on December 19, 2007.

9 Responses to “sixteen and pregnant!”


  2. I think the boyfriend should be charged with statutory rape and be required to register as a sex offender just like everyone else has to for the same crime. Why should a celebrity get any leniency when others do not.

  3. Leave the poor young woman alone.

    If her sister weren’t such a troubled young woman herself would you even run this item?

    I doubt it.

    NEWS FLASH: Sixteen year old kids have sex lots of time despite the moral overtones in the headlines. I did, my friends did, but perhaps a few of the prudes who are chasing this story missed out or something.

    Sometimes they even get pregnant, which is one of the primary reasons to have sex (whether we know or are willing to acknowledge it), so what’s the big unique issue here?

    Her boyfriend, the assumed father to be, is certainly close enough in age that it isn’t a matter of someone taking advantage of a younger person, which I assume is is the reason there are age limits at 16.

    If the media were truly honest on this story the headline would state something like “Young woman to be next media whore.”

  4. She’s sixteen years old, he is eighteen years old.
    Now if had been some unknown kid with an equally unknown 18 year old father, well, can you say “Statutary rape”. He would have been in jail so fast, the ink on his arrest form would not even be dried yet.
    Notice noone here is going to jail.
    Goes to show what money and fame can get you.

  5. Great, another trailer trash Spears for the media to salivate over.

  6. she should be ashamed of herself, not for getting pregnant, but for forgetting that she is a role model to impressionable young girls everywhere…going on tabloids and announcing her pregnancy as if it is no big deal…it is most definitely a big deal…her family let her 19 yr old bf live with her and basically condoned statutory rape? what kind of ignorant backwoods hicks are they?

  7. Spear’s Family

    You can take the girl’s out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girls.

    These sisters are SLUTS with a capital S. Ain’t no debatin’ that. Can’t they keep there knees together?

    They make the Simpson sisters look like the Virgin Mary!!!

  8. DAMN!

    i wasnt seeing this coming, but now almost everyone in Hollywood is up to no good.

    This may benefit Nick, because it would boost ratings, and i dont think they’ll cancel Jamie’s show.

    This will allow more talk on the talk of teen sex. It now seems that everyone is doing it, even the most innocent good girls.
    No one will talk about the father, Jamies boyfriend, and his role in this.

    What a shame.
    This family got some bad luck!

  9. actually it depends on the state if it’s rape or not!

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