checking in with esmee

You guys probably remember that a few months back I told you all about the YouTube sensation, Esmee Denters, who ended up signing with Justin Timberlake’s new label. Well, Esmee’s been blowing up pretty big, especially in Europe. But, she’s headed to the states this week – and to the Oprah show! Check out her YouTube announcement below as well as a preview of her new single “Crazy Place.” It’s no Alicia or Christina, but not bad for the youngin’. What do you think?


~ by etrevallion on November 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “checking in with esmee”

  1. She is going to be Huge. I love her voice and her smile I wish her much success.

  2. […] other chick in between. Because I ultimately knew, it wouldn’t affect his music. And I even supported the first artist signed to his label, Esmee Denters. Photo courtesy of […]

  3. […] And the song is a duet with Esmee Denters, the first artist he signed to his record label (who I happen to think is amazzzing). LOVE seeing celebs doing good with their […]

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