nothing a little botox can’t fix!

Here at BtB, we’re always up for a good ol’ fashion botox story. So, I was pretty excited this weekend when I saw Britney Spears cruising around to various drive-thru’s with her kids and court appointed monitor in tow, exposing her recently plumped lips to the ever-present paparazzi. Just lust week, she was running over their feet as she tried to hide her post-procedure appearance so it is probably a good idea that she kept her hands away from her mouth.

Anyway, I’ve said before that I don’t really want to join in on the Britney bashing but her actions as of late with her children, etc. make it hard to keep my rule in check. Who goes in for botox while you’re losing visitation of your kids?



~ by etrevallion on October 22, 2007.

One Response to “nothing a little botox can’t fix!”

  1. And if she is going to spend money on her appearance, it should be a manicure. I happen to be a Britney fan and have a lot of compassion for her, so I am not going to bash either, but I hope someone is setting her beauty priorities.

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