brady’s baby debut

Yay! Bridget Moynahan gives Patriots fans what they’ve been waiting for – a glimpse of her new baby boy, John Edward Thomas, with her ex-boyfriend, quarterback Tom Brady. And, let me tell you, he’s a cutie! Mom and baby appear on this week’s cover of OK Magazine. Bridget held the photo shoot over the weekend and donated the $100,000 she made from the photos to charity.

I have to give her props here. It can’t be easy having a child with your ex, who has moved on to another woman, knowing that you are going into this as a single mother. You go girl!


~ by etrevallion on September 26, 2007.

One Response to “brady’s baby debut”

  1. When I first saw the picture I thought she looked beautiful and the baby is really a cutie. After all of the drama and innuendo it is nice to see that she has this precious little guy that will give her unconditional love!

    Who knows? Maybe Bridget will get lucky and TB will return under the rock he crawled out of. So far, he doesn’t seem to have taken much interest as a father which is probably better for all concerned.

    If he were to become a part of the baby’s life, he will have to start with the truth which is ” I was too busy hanging out in Europe with my girlfriend to care about your mother when she was pregnant with you,(Complete with pictures and all)followed by “my football career came first.”

    Really!!! Who would want a father like that?

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