it’s Britney, bitch.

So, lots happened in the celebrity world last week while I was in Vegas for MAGIC. And, I’ll get to all of that later. But speaking of Vegas…

As ya’ll probably heard last week, Britney Spears leaked her new single Gimme More which has since been somewhat of a success in the radio world. Miss Britney was in Vegas this past weekend to help open the new LAX nightclub in the Luxor Hotel. Though it was touch and go there for a second as to whether or not Brit would show (shock, shock), she did make a 20 minute appearance in the VIP booth with her new buddy Criss Angel, disappeared for a while (no pun intended) and then appeared again for another 20 minutes. During her brief stay, the DJ did spin her new single which got the crowd pretty darn excited.

Coincidentally enough, four more Britney singles have since “leaked.” Something stinks and it’s not Britney’s weave this time!

Click here for more details. AND for your afternoon snack, though Brit has yet to premiere a video for Gimme More, Perez Hilton has released his version…


~ by etrevallion on September 4, 2007.

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