slowly losing my love

I was a Jessica Simpson fan longggg before she signed on with her ex-hubby to do their reality show. What was that called again? Right, Newlyweds. Anyway, now that shes a single girl again I thought she’d revamp her career and really WOW us with a new CD that would stick it to Nick and his whore, Vanessa showed her strength during a difficult time. And, I must admit I kind of liked the idea of her new man John Mayer. I’m also a fan of his and thought his laid back nature would be good for her.

Do I love her like this? Not so much…

What the hell is going on here? She rocked out the brunette look the first couple of weeks and I fell in love with her new do. This whole look is just plain wrong- and somewhat skanky if you ask me. The hair, the dress, the bad tan. What do you think?

On a side note- I love that John’s finally trimmed up. Much better!

[photo courtesy of Perez Hilton]

~ by etrevallion on May 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “slowly losing my love”

  1. […] charity gala in Germany on Saturday. Still not the old Jess that we all loved, but better than this. […]

  2. […] 24th, 2007 Jessica must’ve read my blog and decided it was time to revamp that style of hers. Trouble is, I applauded the brunette look and […]

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