what the hell is that?

Last night’s Idol can pretty much be summed up by one photo:

Someone clearly lied to Sanjaya when they told him a faux mohawk would look good on that head! Who knows, maybe someone read my blog and told him about the Washington Post gag and he wanted in. Nonetheless, he bombed as usual and Simon said it best when he said “It doesn’t really matter what we say to you anymore. You’re stuck in your own little world and somehow people vote for you.”

Gwen Stefani was this week’s coach and the contestants were to sing songs from some of Gwen’s biggest influences- including the Police, Donna Summers, and 311.

Jordin Sparks rocked it out to Gwen’s hit “Hey Baby” (check it out below) and Chris Richardson gave a nice performance of “Don’t Speak.” And after last week’s fiasco when Chris was in the bottom two with Stephanie, I had to buckle and vote for him this week.

No surprise here that my top 5 picks all rocked it out last night. And if my vote for Chris stands for anything, hopefully my top 5 will move on next week.


~ by etrevallion on March 28, 2007.

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