a day in the life…

Cameron Diaz out for a stroll in the Meatpacking District of NYC

Heath’s lovely lady, Michelle Williams, shoots a scene for her upcoming move, Incendiary.

Jake Gyllenhaal takes a jog through LA

Hilary Duff plays co-hose of TRL yesterday with guests Will Farrell and Jon Heder who were there to promote their new comedy Blades of Glory.

[photos courtesy of People Magazine]


~ by etrevallion on March 27, 2007.

One Response to “a day in the life…”

  1. I can’t stand that Michelle Williams. I heard she was a real bitch to her fansites and she is really bossy and controlling. She makes Heath Ledger wear a wedding band, even though they aren’t married (his sister confirmed they were not married nor engaged). She’s won the lottery though, hasn’t she? Look at her now, doing a movie with Ewan of all people…thanks to her association with Heath. What’s he getting out of it? He has a baby he didn’t plan (she did it for him) and has to play along as if he is serious about her – which he isn’t, otherwise he would have married her and made it public.

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