60’s never sounded so good

Last night’s Idol proved to be a great night for my top 5 picks (see earlier idol post) as the contestants shined with the sounds of the 60’s British Pop invasion.

Big props to Jordin Sparks for an amazing performance last night. At 17, the judges have been amazed with her big voice and flawless performances. She’s definitely a top runner.

Chris Richardson definitely sailed his way into the Top 10 last night after one of the sexiest acoustic performances of a not-so-great song.

In other Idol recaps, Blake once again rocked it out by turning an old song contemporary with his beat-boxing skills. Sanjaya was horrific and even made a little girl cry. Lakisha actually caught some slack from the judges for being too “old.” But, she took it gracefully and no doubt we’ll see a younger side of her next week when she makes it to the Top 10!

Stay tuned tonight for the results- you know I’ll be blogging about it tomorrow. [Lets all pray Sanjaya finally gets the boot]


~ by etrevallion on March 21, 2007.

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