And the gloves are off…

So, it’s my first post and what better way to kick off a blog about celebrity culture and all its glory than to highlight a now infamous, never-ending fued.

Donald and Rosie 

(courtesy of 

Yup, Rosie and the Donald are at it again! This time, he’s poking fun of her depression. Take a look at this. I have to say, I love how Rosie handles the fued- taking it to her blog. She writes:

so hurtful 2 know he doesnt find me attractive
as it has been my goal
for so long
to give a balding billionaire a boner

Nevermind that I have a problem with anyone who makes fun of depression or any other mental health issue, Donald Trump is just plain old disgusting. Money clearly doesn’t buy good looks.


~ by etrevallion on March 13, 2007.

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